Family Court Corruption


Note:  This page has nothing to do with my photography business.  It only has everything to do with fighting corruption in the family courts.  Due to circumstances in our lives, we develop causes; this one is mine.  If you want to know what I and thousands of others have been through and how bad the problem is, watch the documentary:  Divorce Corp.

Juliana Perrone-McCann (10-28-72) v Matthew McCann (01-04-71)

Began dating December 23, 1997

Married July 20, 2001

2 children - Matthew born February 16, 2005; Brooke born October 24, 2006

Wife filed  for divorce on August 9, 2012 after 11 years of marriage

Divorce finalized September 12, 2016

Residence in Sparta, NJ

Court:  Sussex County in Newton, NJ

Judge 1:  Michael Paul Wright

Judge 2:  Michael Gaus


May 1, 2016 - I moved everything I had left into Sussex Storage and became homeless with $0 in my 401k, $0 in checking, no savings, and no health insurance....all after filing bankruptcy in June 2015.

October 23, 2017 - JAIL #1 - I was arrested and taken to jail because I cannot afford child support  ($3,150 per month including alimony and arrears).  At the time I was over $70,000 behind in child support and Judge Gaus refused to lower it when he heard my 192 page motion on August 14, 2017.  I spent 10 days in jail in Pike County, PA and the Judge in Milford said I could get out only if I pay $9,500.  I had to borrow this money from my parents.


February 27, 2018 - JAIL #2 - I was arrested and taken to jail again because I cannot afford child support.  Still $70,000 in arrears, Judge Gaus refuses to modify child support and sentenced me to jail indefinitely unless I paid $3,500.  I had to borrow this money from my parents to get out.


June 1, 2018 - JAIL #3 - Juliana called the Sparta police and told them to pick me up for a bench warrant that was issued because I can't afford child support.  She told them to arrest me at either Brooke's school or Matthew's school when I was dropping them off in the morning.  I dropped Brooke off then the police pulled me over as I was going to Matthew's school.  They arrested me with Matthew in the car.  Since I had an attorney on the phone while in court in jail, Judge Gaus let me out with the condition that I pay $3,500 by June 18.  There was no way I could pay this.

June 21, 2018 - JAIL #4 - I was arrested and taken to jail because I couldn't afford child support.  I was released after I paid the $3,500 that Judge Gaus ordered.  This money was borrowed from my parents.  I now owe them $20,000 for child support loans.  Pretty disgusting that not only I have to pay in order to see my kids, but that Judge Gaus refuses to lower child support causing irreparable psychological damage to my kids having a childhood where their father is in and out of jail for no reason.


August 31, 2018 - JAIL #5 - Juliana had me arrested again as I dropped the kids off to her; the day before Labor Day weekend.  Judge Gaus specifically said he wouldn't see me on Friday, so this forced me to be in jail over Labor Day weekend until being heard on Tuesday.  For no reason, he said I need to pay $5,000 in order to get out of jail.  My family spotted me the money to get out and I have to immediately sell my motorcycle in order to pay them back.  I got out on Wednesday, September 6.

October 12, 2018 - WARRANT - I was called by a Sussex officer that another warrant has been issued by Judge Gaus and my driver's license had been revoked as well.  I did not have the anticipated $5,000 - $20,000 to get out of jail so I became a fugitive.  If I picked up my kids, as she has done in the past, my ex would have called the police and have me arrested.  So from this date, I have been unable to see my kids.

September 8, 2019 - JAIL #6 - Stopped for a tail light, taken to jail.  Gaus completely ignored all financial facts that I have no ability to pay as I've been homeless since January 1, 2019, no savings, no health insurance, no driver's license to get to work, no car (sold in April), no nothing.  When I have a real estate photo job I borrow someone elses car and drive illegally just for work.

After jail #2, it is inevitable that I would be in jail for a 3rd and 4th time

unless I get an attorney to provide case law to modify

child support and alimony to reflect the financial status of the last few years.


 Please click & read:

Up until Juliana surprised Me with this divorce, I had NEVER been involved with the police, I had NO criminal record, I had (and still haven't) never been in any type of physical altercation with anyone ever, I've Never even smoked pot or done any drugs, I don't smoke, I have no tattoos, I don't gamble, I barely drink alcohol, have NO history of mental illness or ever even been evaluated for such.  Juliana had never called the police or went to the police station in our 13 1/2 years together.  Juliana has now filed over 40 police reports with the Sparta police department and other departments; all peppered with false accusations of domestic violence, and sexual misconduct.... even so far as to say I've been sexual with my own daughter (she has said this only once on the first day of our divorce trial - shows the validity).


Juliana has:

  • Filed 3 bogus temporary restraining orders

  • Filed false assault charges

  • Filed false harassment charges

  • Lied to DYFS (social services) that I choked my daughter prompting an investigation

  • Lied to the court I was sexual with my daughter and waived my penis in her face (this was mentioned only once ever...???)

  • Decided she wants more than 50/50 custody which cost us over $16,000 for an evaluation

  • Lied to the custody evaluator on many many instances following the Silver Bullet Technique as advised by her attorneys

  • Prevented our kids from attending a family reunion (3rd one ever. First one in 7 years. They were the only ones not present)

  • Prevented me from taking our daughter to a Katy Perry concert just because it was her night to have the kids

  • Wiped out the martial home of 80% of the mutual belongings while I was out on bogus TRO #2

  • Prevented me from seeing our children on many many occasions and simply refused to drop them off to me

  • Kept the children out of school so I couldn't pick them up for my weekend over Thanksgiving & Easter; just so she could have them

  • Applied to the court to have me never see, speak with, or have any contact with in any own children

  • Has alienated our daughter, Brooke, from me to the point she blocked me on all social media and stated she doesn't even have a father

April 25, 2012 Juliana first called attorney, Jan Bernstein of Riker Danzig.  Bernstein has a reputation of fighting dirty and coaching female clients to make up stories in order to win a custody battle.  Juliana racked up $81,000 in attorney fees with Jan Bernstein in 4 months before obtaining a new attorney, Arlene Albino.


June 25, 2012 Juliana files a report with Sparta Police that she is going to tell her husband she wants a divorce.  States in the report that her husband has a history of violence (complete lie).


June 26, 2012 9:30PM  Juliana surprises Matt with "I want a divorce, I want you to move out this weekend, I want full custody of the kids."  The conversation lasts 10 minutes with me being floored.  I never raised my voice, I never got up off the couch.  I basically tried to say "Let's talk about this."  Juliana slept in the guest room from that night on.


*It made sense now why Juliana was insisting on taking the kids to school in the morning and picking them up more often after school than what she usually did the past 4 years.  Juliana has been a teacher in Parsippany, NJ since 2000.  She normally left the house by 7:15 each morning and didn't get home until 4:00.  I worked out of the house in various Data Storage IT positions since 1999.  I was the one to get the kids up and dressed, made them breakfast, and drove them to and from school.


July 12, 2012  Juliana files 1st TRO

April 28, 2013 Juliana files 2nd TRO


May 2, 2013  Files absurd TRO with insane lies about me throwing her on the floor while she was pregnant.  Juliana withdraws 2nd TRO just 1 hour before case is heard.  Costs me $3600 in legal fees.  Says that if I stay out of the house for one more night, she will move in with her friend Lori in Andover who has two bedrooms for the kids.  Turns out all to be a lie.  Her parents bought her a newly built 3 bedroom townhome in Sparta for $274,000.  She claims she had no idea her parents were doing this.


May 3, 2013  Juliana unilaterally wipes out 80% of the mutual belongings.  I picked up the kids from school at 2:30, ran a few errands with them, returned to the house around 3:30 only to find most of the house empty.  Not only did she take Everything in the dining room including custom window treatments, over $10,000 in Waterford china, crystal, and flatware, also a $10,000 master bedroom set from Thomasville, but she also took the VERY 1920 Baldwin Piano that she so vehemently was against being delivered to the house on July 14, 2012 that she filed a TRO against me.  Total value of items Juliana took was $87,000.  A January 25, 2013 court order stated that no items were to be unilaterally removed from the marital home by either party.


May 4, 2013  Matthew has his first Communion.  I reserved a party of 12 for my family at Tanti Baci in Sparta at 1PM for Matthew after his Communion.  When I get there, the owner of Tanti Baci says that a woman called yesterday and cancelled the reservation.  Fortunately, they were able to accommodate us in about 30 minutes along with all the other Communion party reservations..


May 5, 2013  Juliana calls the Police again.  She was to pick up the kids from my house at 6PM.  I asked her via text what Lori's address is so I know where the kids will be living.  She refused to give it to me.  I text her that I will not release the kids unless she tells me.  Juliana calls the Police telling them I am holding the kids hostage.  By the time the police show up to my house, I got the address from Juliana.  Turns out, it's a newly built, 3 bed room town home in Sparta that her parents purchased in January 2013 for $274,000.  Juliana lied in court telling me, my attorney, and her own attorney, that she was moving in with a friend when her parents had purchased a new town home for her in Sparta, 2.1 miles away, back in January.


August 3, 2013  Juliana files fraudulent Assault charges with Sparta police department and has me arrested.  Mirian Suchy has been a Nanny to our kids for over 7 years and was the supervisor that day.  Mirian saw that I didn't even touch Juliana and was nice enough to make a certified statement for court.  Juliana barged into the garage for no other reason except to cause trouble.  After many days in court, the prosecutor finally dismissed the case.


August 4, 2013  I have my attorney draft a Notice of No Trespass to keep Juliana from entering my property and I file this with the Sparta police department.


November 29, 2013  I bring the kids 13.2 miles away from my home to my Aunt & Uncle's house in Wharton, NJ for a family gathering that happens every year.  Approximately 20 relatives meet the day after Thanksgiving that weren't together the day before.  Juliana agrees to pick the kids up at 9:30.  I walk the kids out of the house and Juliana is parked in the street.  I stop about 30 feet from the curb and the kids run to the car where Juliana's father stumbles out of the car for no reason and walks towards me.  I don't say anything as I grab my phone and begin audio recording.  He gets back in the car and as they pull away, he yells out of the car to the father of the children in the car, "Any place, Any time, pal!".....insinuating he wants to fight me.


May 23, 2014  Juliana files a massive cross motion filled with lies, fabrications, and exaggerations. Here she states that I accumulated "hundreds of thousands of airline miles".  In reality, I accumulated approximately 110,000 miles entire life at this time.

August 8, 2014  McCann family reunion taking place this weekend for the first time in 7 years; 3rd ever.  I applied to the court in an emergent motion to allow the kids to come to the sac for 2 nights where 7 supervisors would be present.  Juliana opposed it and of course Judge Wright rejected my request.


July 15, 2014  Judge Wright orders that I am not to be within 50 feet of Juliana at all children's events and activities.  I am not present during this hearing.  My attorney never opposes the order.

August 18, 2014  Juliana files 3rd TRO

August 25, 2014  Hearing for 3rd TRO.  Judge Sceusi can't fit us in.  Reschedules for September 3 in front of Judge Wright.  Judge Wright hears our case with Juliana on the stand for approximately 2 hours.  Break for lunch, return, can't fit us in the rest of the day.  Adjourns to next day, September 4 at 3:00 after Juliana's first day of school.  Judge Wright can't fit us in again, postpones until OCTOBER 9, 2014.  So now I haven't been able to even speak with our kids at night just to say good-night for 3 weeks and the judge postpones it for over a month away....???


September 2, 2014  Kids first day of school.  I have a TRO in place but have in the adjournment order that I'm allowed to go to the school on their first day, give them a hug and take a picture of them.  I go to the school from 7:25-8:10.  Parked right where all the cars go by for drop-off in the parking lot.  Juliana's car never goes by.  I don't get to see my kids on their first day of school for the first time ever.


Found this little nugget on Judge Wright.  Of the 22 judges in the Morris/Sussex County Vicinage, Judge Wright is rated 2nd from the bottom:  Only one judge was found to be worse at his job than him.


January 29, 2015  Judge Wright issues FRO from 3rd TRO 

Polygraph Test #1 proving I am innocent

Polygraph Test #2 proving I am innocent

Despite all proof that I was not near the plaintiff, did not speak to her, did not touch her, did not gesture anything to her, did not email, text, phone, or voicemail anything to her (other than 2 texts asking where our son was)....Judge issues a FRO in retaliation against me because I complained to his boss, Catherine Enright, the presiding judge in Morristown, that Judge Wright has taken over 4 months to decide a TRO when it should have taken no more than 10 days.

Letter to Catherine Enright

Transcript of Judge Reading FRO

In order to file an appeal, my attorney wants a $10,000 retainer and a certified transcript that needs to be submitted along with it costs over $8,000.  Being completely broke, I can't appeal.


March 24, 2015  Juliana kept the kids from me on my weekend including Easter.  She is so paranoid that I might take the kids to Florida to my parents' for the week that she doesn't allow the kids to go to school on Thursday before Good Friday just so I can't pick them up from school.  The kids have off all next week for Easter and Juliana has to work.  I offered to take the kids and swap time with her but of course she refused because if anything is ever my idea, she'll do the opposite.  


August 30, 2015  I lose my job at Novartis


September 2015  Unemployment is $646 per week.  I pay $160 in taxes on this.  The plaintiff gets $420 per week taken right out.  This leaves me with $66 per week to live on.  Keep in mind, she makes $96,000 salary as a teacher, plus full health benefits for life, plus full retirement pension for life, plus is receiving $21,000 per year in rental income that I am not.  I receive $0 from the rental properties.


October 8, 2015  I file a motion by myself to reduce child support with credit back to March 26, 2015


October 9, 2015  Judge Wright rejected it because I'm represented by counsel.  However, my attorney wants $2,500 just to file the motion even though I already did all the work.  I offered him $350 but never heard back.  I have no money so I can't get the motion filed to reduce child support from $1,400 per month to it's proper $645 per month.....which is based on a $140,000 per year salary and not the unemployment wages I'm currently earning.

Letter attached to motion to reduce child support

Rejection from court

Attorney wants $2,500


December 14, 2015  -  I had an 11 minute conversation with the secretary of Alan Strelzik.  Alan Strelzik and Bernie Nooner were a Blue Ribbon Panel of attorneys that met with us on July 8, 2015.  At this meeting where I gave up my rights to Juliana's pension, my 1920 Baldwin piano, and many other things in exchange for her to not have rights to anything other than my salary going forward.  So she would have no access to any future commissions, bonuses, stock options, or other employment benefits beyond my salary when figuring alimony and child support.  However, at this meeting......No Notes were taken by anyone.  At the end, Alan Strelzik scribbled a few notes on a piece of paper and handed it to the plaintiff's attorney.  I called to speak with Alan.  I explained to the secretary of Alan that my attorney is doing nothing for me and that many things which were agreed upon that day were not written down.  She proceeded to tell me that there is nothing Alan can do and that I should deal with my attorney.  She said Alan can't advise me of anything even though I was not asking to be advised.  Finally, when I asked her her name, she hung up on me.


December 14, 2015 - I email my attorney asking to be relieved as counsel because he refuses to represent me properly and seems to actually be working in favor of the plaintiff.


December 17, 2015 - Received phone call from Terry Goldberg, J. Michael Walker's supervisor.  Michael Walker is the Executive Director of the State of NJ Board of Psychologists.  It has been over two years since I filed a complaint with the Board about Dr. David Gomberg.  I have exchanged emails with Michael Walker for two years and had no updates other than 'your case is open and cannot be discussed' so I asked to have a phone call with his supervisor.  Terry oversees 48 Boards for the state of NJ.  Terry was pleasant and informative for 36 minutes yet gave no indication that the Board would have any decision anytime soon.


January 15, 2016 - I attempted to file a motion because the plaintiff is in contempt of court for not paying her share of a Parent Coordinator retainer fee of $1,500.  I paid my share in June 2015.  However, because I am represented by an attorney, "the system" won't allow me to file a motion.


January 22, 2016 - my attorney, Michael Hanifan of Newton, NJ, is relieved as counsel.  What is sickening and astonishing is the disgusting behavior that he and other attorneys display in an attempt to satisfy their massive egos.  Why such a person would submit lie upon lie to the courts in This Document is sickening.  Read pages 11-15.

I represent myself in court for 2 1/2 hours during trial as it continues.  The plaintiff's attorney, Mariann Murphy, continues to belabor the most minuscule matters in order to drag out the trial and drive up legal fees while annoying the judge.


Since being laid off from Novartis on August 30, 2015 I've been finally doing something I really enjoy:  photography.  Primarily I've been shooting real estate for agents' new listings as that seems to being money in the easiest.  I've also been hosting workshops using where I teach photography.  I now have over 500 people in my group "Take Your Camera Hiking" and my Facebook page is growing, Matt McCann Photography.  The main way I began real estate photography was by contracting independently to Planomatic out of Denver, CO.  They get me jobs with realtors, I shoot the houses, upload the photos as well as floorplans, and they take care of the rest.  I only make 25% of the job but it gets me in front of realtors where they then may work directly with me.  The spring was nice and busy doing 8-12 jobs per week with them but the summer has slowed to 1-3 jobs per week from them.  However, I've grown my business to where I do another 1-3 jobs on my own.

With Planomatic, a $260 job only pays me $65.  It's usually 90 mins each way to the job being I'm homeless but staying in Dingmans Ferry, PA.  A shoot and floorplans usually take 2.5 hours.  Then another half hour at home spent downloading, organizing, and uploading the photos and floorplans.  So for 6 hours of work, I make $65.  25% taxes on that leaves me with $48.75.

August 10, 2016 - Planomatic receives a notice from NJ Child Support Services telling them to withhold 65% of my income.  Even though I'm an independent contractor as a registered business as Matt McCann Photography, LLC and have no taxes taken out, my LLC is not a 'recognized business' and still needs to be impounded for child support.  This means that for a job where I make $65, $42.25 goes to child support, $16.25 goes to taxes, and I get to keep $6.50 for working 6 hours.  I'm homeless, don't have enough money for pay my cell phone bill, car insurance, or for food, and the State of NJ thinks it's ok to do this to a father.  All while my ex makes over $110,000 per year, lives in a brand new 3BR townhome, drives a new 2015 Honda Civic, and is set for life with pension and health insurance.

Basically, NJ Child Support Services just cost me my job at Planomatic.


August 15, 2016 - I receive a notice from NJ Child Support Services that I'm in arrears for over $30,000 and they are now freezing any assets associated with National Financial Services, LLC which is my Fidelity 401k.  The very little money that I have left to my name to use in an emergency is now frozen.


August 16, 2016 - I receive a packet in the mail over an inch thick from the plaintiff's attorney, Maryann Murphy, which is a Certification of Attorney Services stating that they are demanding I pay all of the plaintiff's attorney fees (paid to Maryann Murphy only)......$295,000.  The plaintiff had another attorney for the first 6 months of the divorce and racked up $67,000.  Add this to the costs for psychological evaluators and numerous therapists she brings the kids to because she can't seem to handle parenting issues herself, the total the plaintiff has spent in cash on this divorce is close to $400,000.  This does not include the loss of my real estate holdings, all the money into our primary residence, bankruptcy attorney fees, cars sold for thousands less then they're worth, etc.


Sept 7, 2016  the IRS takes the last $3,800 in my 401k and leaves me with 49 cents.


Sept 12, 2016  Judge Wright enters a final order of divorce.  Only thing in writing is that I have to pay child support based on my last yearly W-2 earnings (not salary) of $162,000 (which was also comprised of over $35,000 in early 401k withdrawals) which I haven't earned in 11 months.  Juliana is awarded no legal fees.


October 2016  Juliana files motion for reconsideration to try and get her legal fees paid by me;  $295,000.  This is in addition to the $81,000 she was already denied from her first attorney, plus over $30,000 for 6 therapists, and another $9,000 she was awarded mid-case which her attorney is being reviewed for for excessive billing.

October 28, 2016 this motion is heard and she was denied legal fees.


April 1, 2017 - I receive a letter from probation that I am over $48,000 behind in child support and that I need to contact them via phone or file a motion to address the situation

April 4, 2017 - I call the child support office but was never able reach a live person after 5 minutes of going around the voicemail tree


April 6, 2017 - I file a motion of 100 pages to correct this entire financial matter to not pay $4,000/mo in alimony and child support.  I also submit a Fee Waiver Request form with 3 months checking account statements as stated on the single sheet form.  I submitted this request because I did not have the $50 it costs to file the motion as I am 46 years old with no health insurance, earn less than the poverty line, and am technically homeless.

April 10, 2017 - I get notified by the court clerk that my Fee Waiver Request had been denied.  The letter explaining the reason stated that I owned two (2) cars.....which I do not; I own one (1).  The letter then ripped apart my expenses saying they are not by someone living below the poverty line.  Specifically citing a $4 car wash.


April 13, 2017 - I file my taxes online for free in PA making $7,147 in 2016


April 24/26/28, 2017 - I speak with an enforcement officer from milford, PA on the phone as he contacted me via email stating that an order of enforcement has been routed to his office.  I go to the office on the 26th with all my paperwork from the 1st motion.  They schedule me to meet with an advisor on Friday morning to take in all my financial info to submit a "mod".


August 14, 2017 - Judge Michael Gaus hears my 192 page motion to reduce child support.  I've been out of IT for 2 years and on target to make $45,000 in my photography business.  Currently $65,000 behind in child support, homeless since May 1, 2016, broke, everything in storage, no health insurance, checking account frozen by the Child Support Probation Dept.  Judge Gaus denies my modification.  Complete bias corruption.  The only reason he denied a downward modification is because he said I voluntarily left the IT industry; which is not true.


October 23, 2017 - I'm arrested in Dingmans Ferry, PA, taken away in hand cuffs, and put in jail because I can't afford child support.  On Wed I have a video conference from jail with the judge in Milford, PA.  Issues 3 months in jail or I pay $9,500 to be purged.  I offer $500 and $500/mo but am denied.  I call the public defender's office Thurs morning and offer $3,000.  She says the judge will hear my offer next week Wed or Thurs.  Really?  A whole week in jail for a simple yes or no to my offer.  I call a week later and they say the judge scheduled a hearing for November 30; a whole month out.  Insane.  My parents once again bail (not real bail) me out and pay the $9,500.

November 3, 2017 - Released from jail.  Not able to stay at Michelle's anymore.  100% homeless.  Stayed at Residence Inn for the weekend with kids.  Got out of jail only to find a giant motion from Juliana waiting for me asking for all sorts of money and opening up  issues that we beat to death for 4 years getting divorced.

November 15, 2017 - Been living out of my car.  Slept in my car a few nights and in my storage unit a few nights.  Found an AirBnB for cheap ($60/night) for 5 nights so I can have my kids with me for the weekend.


December 1, 2017 - I begin renting a small 2BR place back in Sparta, NJ for $1,600 per month

January 1, 2018 - Juliana goes to the police and files a report that I'm driving without a license.  The police run my drivers license number and find that my license is in good standing.  In the report that she filed, she stated that she found out because of a letter from the DMV that was sent to me, but was sent to her address.  Technically, she broke a federal law by opening my mail.  #harassment 


January 9, 2018 - After 3 months I finally finish a 100+ page motion for a change of venue.  The only chance I have to turn anything around in my and my kids' lives is to get a fair trial in front of a fair judge....not in Sussex or Morris County.  Morristown has jurisdiction over Morris and Sussex County courts with the presiding and assignment judges in Morris.  I go to the Morristown courthouse to file the motion and they tell me I need to file in Sussex where my divorce originated.

So let’s get this straight:  my current judge is biased and corrupt, the one that refuses to adjust my child support even when I’m over $70,000 behind, indigent, bankrupt, penniless, been homeless for 18 months, am without health insurance, make less than $24,000/yr while my ex makes over $100,000/yr for the last 3 years, and the one that threw me in jail because I can’t afford child support… want me to file a motion with the same judge to decide whether or not this very motion should be in front of him?  The insanity never ends.

If the appellate court already denied me my fee waiver request, I’ll never be able to file an appeal for this motion either because I simply can’t afford the $700.  Keep in mind, the appellate court in Morristown for a cell phone ticket Granted my fee waiver request last month.  Yet any application in the family courts gets denied.  Corrupt much?

January 25, 2018 - I get an eviction notice from my landlord because I haven't paid the rent yet for January


January 26, 2018 - I get a notice from Probation (Child Support Collections) that they will be seeking a warrant for my arrest to be put in jail again because I cannot afford child support of $3,150 per month when I only make about $24,000 per year before taxes


January 29, 2018 - I had applied to the court in a motion to have juliana give me a copy of her health insurance card just in case the kids need any type of medical attention while in my care; they are covered under her health insurance as I have none.  Judge Gaus denied this.  Makes no sense whatsoever.


February 26, 2018 - Judge Gaus suspended my NJ driver's license because I cannot afford child support.  I called the DMV to see why they are mailing notices about my driving record to my ex-wife because she has been harassing me by email about my driver's license.  They said her address is not on file.  I guess she is seeking out my information independently.  During the phone call I was advised my driver's license was suspended on February 13, 2018.  I received no notice and this was the first I've heard about the suspension.


February 27, 2018 - Tuesday 8:50AM two officers knock on my door, arrest me in cuffs and take me to Sussex County jail in Newton because I can't afford child support and Judge Gaus won't modify the amount.  Usually people behind in child support are let out of jail in one day if they pay $300-$500.  Even the ones that are $50,000, $70,000, or $100,000 in arrears.  Judge Gaus ordered that I be kept in jail indefinitely or until I pay $3,500.  Thankfully my parents had the means; I was able to get out Friday around 3:00PM.



April 16, 2018 - 3rd bench warrant has been issued for my arrest


May 11, 2017 - I filed a motion to vacate certain things.  While at the court, I spoke to Jory, my child support case manager.  She has always been nice and seems to have done what she can within the scope of her job.  Since I had filed a motion that day, she said they put a hold on enforcing bench warrants.


May 17, 2018 - Jory called me at 7PM saying that the bench warrant was going upstairs for the Judge Gaus' signature because my motion did not have anything to do with child support.


May 18, 2018 - I email this letter and job schedule asking Judge Gaus to hold off issuing a bench warrant so I can file a motion for downward modification

At some point, the bench warrant is issued but I don't get notified because the courts procedure is to Not notify me whenever a bench warrant is issued.


June 1, 2018 - Juliana calls the Sparta Police at 7AM and tells them my license is suspended and a bench warrant is out for my arrest.  She tells them to arrest me as I'm dropping off the kids at school.  The police go to Sparta Middle School and then to Pope John Middle School.  I ended up going to Pope John Middle School first to drop Brooke off, and as I was on the way to drop off Matthew at SMS, the police passed me going the opposite direction, turned right around and pulled me over.  Matthew was in the car as 3 police cars surround me and I'm arrested.  They allow me a call so I call my friend Brian who comes and gets Matthew from my car and drives him to school.  Truly disgusting that a mother would have a father arrested while our kids are in the car.


June 21, 2018


August 31, 2018


October 10, 2018 - A 6th warrant is issued for my arrest. I do not have the means to pay child support or the $5,000 it will take to get me out of jail. If I go to jail, I fear I will be in jail for many years because Judge Gaus clearly has it out for me. My parents have had $21,500 extorted out of them in 2018 by Judge Gaus just so Sussex Family Court can get their 66% in Title 4-D money; that is $14,190 from the government just from me. My ex gets $21,500 from my parents and Sussex Family Court gets $14,190 from the federal government. My parents are not doing this anymore and they never should. If I cannot afford child support, it should be adjusted. Judge Gaus ignores all logic and reason and simply states, “you seem to come up with the money if I put you in jail.” Meanwhile, I’m in over $70,000 in debt to my parents, other family members, and friends just to pay child support. And I am behind over $100,000 in child support which I’ll never be able to pay. I am hiding out of state to avoid jail.


October 8, 2018 was the last time I saw my kids.


January 1, 2019 - I am homeless again


February 8, 2019 - it has been 4 months since I’ve seen my kids. I missed my daughter’s 12th birthday. I missed Thanksgiving with my kids. I missed Christmas with my kids. I will miss my son’s 14th birthday on Saturday, February 16. It is absolutely disgusting that a perfectly good father cannot see his own kids unless he pays to see them. Judge Wright, Judge Gaus, and the entire family court system are nothing but child abusers.

June 16, 2019 - Father's Day:  It took less than 6 months for my ex to alienate

my own daughter from me.  Telling Brooke I 'abandoned' her, that I don't pay

her broke mother any money to support Brooke and Matthew, that I don't love

her, etc.  Absolutely horrible and life-long psychologically damaging

alienating behavior by the mother.

Brooke Father's Day - Screenshot_2019061

May 25, 2021 - Recently, Juliana has:

  • sent the police to my house for a 'wellness check' after speaking with our son in the last 12 hours

  • sent the police to my father's house in FL while we were on the golf course for a 'wellness check' after speaking with our son in the last 12 hours

  • got the police to get involved in a normal exchange of our son because she's "afraid" after this has been done without incident over 100 times

  • called the police on me because she saw me over 1,000 feet away from her townhouse performing my photography job

  • got the property manager of her townhome development to issue me a Notice of No Trespass and the property manager never even spoke to me

  • I never received the Notice of No Trespass, went to photograph a listing as normal in the development she lives in, and she saw me, called the police, and the police issued me a ticket for I have to go to court.  Pure harassment.

  •  filed an appeal to the outcome of an Ability to Pay hearing because she's not satisfied that I pay her $100/wk until my appeal is hear regarding modification for child support and alimony.  Her appeal was denied other than I had to pay $1,200 within 10 days.

  • she filed an OTSC saying I violated the order even though I paid $1,200 in 10 days.  she also never sent me the paperwork.

  • she filed a motion regarding the appeal for modification of child support and alimony suggesting I didn't order the correct transcripts even though it's the appellate court is the one that orders the transcripts

#Obsession   #Harassment

July 4, 2015 - Northville, NY                                    Aug 14, 2020 - Hackettstown, NJ                        April 10, 2021 - FL Golf Course

Police at Sac Wellness Check 20150704_11
Police Hackettstown Wellness Check 20200
Police FL Wellness Check 20210410_133217