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Real Estate Photography

In the age of information overload, our attention spans are ever decreasing.  For home seekers, the click through of listing photos is as quick as their internet connection will allow.  Your listing photos have just seconds to give them that Wow factor and it's the Wow factor that grabs your buyers' attention, drives traffic off the web to your showing, and ultimately makes the sale.


Interior & Exterior Photos
+/- 15 photos = $175

+/- 25 photos = $195 
 +/- 35 photos = $225

Drone Photos
3-4 photos = $ 75*

7-10 photos = $125

Twilight Photos
2 photos = $100

4 photos = $150
Drone Twilight Photos
3 photos = $175

Floor Plans
1-3 floor plans = $125

Virtual Staging
$35 per room

*available only on same day of photo shoot

Drone Photography

When a buyer wants to be shown 'everything I'm getting', sometimes the best way is an aerial shot with a drone.  A birds-eye view offers that impressive perspective of the entire offering at a reasonable price.

Twilight Photography

A twilight photo shoot is a great way to show off a home with impressive windows, exterior lighting, and dramatic landscape.  When done correctly, a stunning twilight photo can be used as the lead photo in your listing to give it that extra 'wow' factor.

Floor Plans

Adding floor plans to your listing gives prospects exact room dimensions to help them determine if a house meets their needs.  Simply add them to your listing as a .jpg.

Virtual Staging

Turn that empty, cold room into a warm and inviting one with virtual staging.  Traditional, contemporary, farm house, and other designs are available to dress up interior and exterior settings.

Just a few of the agencies Matt McCann has shot over 1,000 homes for:

Real Estate Agencies Shot For.jpg

Terms and conditions:

Matt McCann is the copyright holder of any photographs and video taken by him. The copyright of a photograph is not transferable to any other party unless a specific written agreement is made.  Contact Matt McCann for additional photograph licensing options. When purchasing photography from Matt McCann, you are purchasing usage rights; not ownership of photographs. Usage rights are not transferable. photographs cannot be sold to other parties, businesses, or realtors. real estate photographs may be used for marketing a listing. Other companies (online or otherwise) may not use photos licensed to a person (agent) for use, to generate income or business furtherance. This includes copying or pulling photos from public internet websites whether manually or computerized and populating their website to generate income.  Upon purchasing and paying in full for the services received, you are granted a limited, terminable, non-exclusive license to use the photos provided to you by Matt McCann Photography, LLC.  You are not, however, granted a license to sell, transfer, license, and sub-license or otherwise distribute the photographs, video, floorplans, and other services offered, to any third party.  Only Matt McCann may issue (multiple) license usage rights for said work.

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